Standing on the basis of Taiwan, GIS Taiwan seeks to gather present and potential future leaders of the world to share their forward looking, concrete and innovative ideas and awareness on both regional and global scale. Further, through discussing feasible and effective approaches to the challenges and trends the global community faces, we wish to see actions being taken in a sure-footed manner.


National Taiwan University, GIS Taiwan Host Team


July 14th ~ 18th, 2014


National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


300 students will be selected through an Proposal Examination. Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students, and must not be born prior to 1978.

Topics and Subtopics

Stand Up, Stand Out!
Detecting the Trends
Sustaining Competitive Advantage
Standing Out to Become Outstanding

Official Language

English will be used during the conference as the official language.

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Yearly Topic: Stand Up, Stand Out! -- - - Break through Challenges between Generations

The world has been ever-changing. However, it seems that the complexities are about to confuse the fixed order of the world; our life is not as certain as before, but exposed to unpredictability and predicaments. The world population had reached 7 billion in 2011, leading to an increasing number of starving people. The wealth gap has been widening, and climate change issues have become non-negligible. We can’t stand idly by and need to stand up. But how to react to problems around? The changing world provides not only challenges, but also opportunities. Multiple pieces of information flood into our daily lives, provoking new thoughts and action for changes. Meanwhile, social media and mobile technology are making ideas spread quickly; the cost of transferring thoughts is at an all-time low. Correspondingly, individuals will stand up.

How to summon up courage? How to actually "stand up"? It requires surpassing courage and support. Hence, what a forum can do is to provide opportunities to discuss the problems with people from different fields, and, most importantly, to let us know we are not alone.

Under the topic "Stand up, stand out!", we will detect the trends around the world, analyze the difficulties we face, and, subsequently find possible solutions to the problems. We sincerely welcome delegates from all over the world to conduct brainstorming and brave those challenges between generations.

Subtopic 1. Detecting the Trends

Since science and technology advance rapidly in recent decades, the whole new world comes to be a “global village” and we are unconsciously forced to live in an era full of changes. Thus, the capability of “creating trends” becomes more and more critical among all trades and professions.

Business and economics: Entrepreneurs are under fierce competition and exposed to unavoidable market influences. Accordingly, corporations and managers must be sensitive to market trends and put their company in a leading position; additionally, medical science and pharmaceuticals: Doctors and pharmacists need to observe the physical conditions of patients to find out how epidemics affect others and cause diseases. Researchers may invent new medicine and vaccines to prevent the spread. Furthermore, the advance in modern medicine is closely related to health of all human beings.

In a nutshell, it is really important for individuals in every walk of life to sensitively detect the trends. In this symposium, we have opportunities to learn different concepts from lecturers and delegates from around the world--by interacting and discussing with them, we can cultivate the capability of caring and analyzing current events. Correspondingly, we have more abilities to stand up, stand out and break through the challenges!

Subtopic 2. Sustaining Competitive Advantage

We are living in a modern and open society. Everybody has chances to step forward and fulfill their goals. Apart from realizing opportunities, it is necessary to improve ourselves to sustain competitive advantage. Not only does the professional knowledge play a crucial role, but it is also indispensable to be one-of-a-kind. Only with accurate insight and special value can individuals and corporations develop and stay extraordinary.

Take IBM as an example. IBM, one of the oldest companies in PC industry, was founded in 1911. In the past, IBM was well-known for its hardware development and adoption of edgy IC techniques. However, technology keeps changing. New companies, such as DELL and Oracle, were chasing behind. Despite the fact that IBM had become the leading company in the industry, it had no choice but to make some changes. Since 2000s, IBM has started to put more stress on software development and customer service. At the same time, IBM integrated their hardware and software businesses and managed to lower the cost of production. The mature and complete supply chain and the determination to break through not only consolidated IBM’s position in both computer hardware and IT industry, but they also helped IBM stay strong, against all odds.

Suptopic 3. Standing Out to Become Outstanding

We're not so sure about ourselves when it comes to being different. Differences due to nature, luck or other predetermined factors in many cases demand a sense of sympathy, affectation, or even love just to be kindly tolerated. What about being different in ways of perceiving, thinking and understanding things in our society? Branches of specializations are being continuously defined. Authorities regarding certain fields of interest abound. Furthermore, there is an atmosphere that treasure globally unified values. Wise and foresighted men can be fearful of revealing themselves to the society. Oppressed or undiscovered genius might be insecure about their "abnormity". At times, among them are distinguished people who step out, work hard and smart with partners to realize their visions. In the beginning of that process, they would have to brave out the fear of losing recognition, respect and support from others. The courage and willingness are themselves remarkable. Possibly and hopefully after finding the strength and pride to be different, the gifted will then bring changes to help make a better world.

Wangari Maathai, winner of 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, was fearless of opposition and accusation. As one of the very rare highly educated woman in Kenya, she had always been active in promoting female rights and many other civil as long as continental social issues. Because of the divorce, which is filed by her husband perhaps partly because of her “dominance-prone” character in the marriage, it was even more difficult for her to take part in governmental and non-governmental leadership. However, she still managed to see things through and keep the work going. The Green Belt Movement with help from the Norwegian Forestry Society contributed to the livelihood of women and therefore their households in the farming communities while improving environmental conditions. With all Wangari Maathai had done, she believed that she was just doing her best to solve the situation and that it was never an option to watcher standing aside. This “hummingbird spirit” brought forward by Wangari Maathai in the campaign no doubt express her courage and confidence best. It motivated her to stand out, and made her outstanding.

  • Opening Ceremony

    9:00 ~ 12:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Orientation

    13:30 ~ 14:30
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Action Project Salon

    14:00 ~ 16:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Action Project
    Group Discussion

    16:30 ~ 18:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Opening Banquet

    19:00 ~ 21:00
  • Keynote Forum A

    9:30 ~ 12:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Intensive Workshop A

    13:30 ~ 16:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Action Project
    Mentor Discussion

    16:30 ~ 18:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Keynote Forum B

    9:30 ~ 12:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Intensive Workshop B

    13:30 ~ 16:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Action Project
    Group Discussion

    16:30 ~ 18:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Extensive Workshop

    9:30 ~ 12:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Culture Experience

    12:00 ~ 16:00
  • Action Project
    Mentor Discussion

    16:00 ~ 18:00
    Second Student Activity Center, NTU
  • Gala Dinner

    18:00 ~ 21:00
  • Action Project Exhibition

    9:00 ~ 12:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Delegates Presentation

    13:30 ~ 14:30
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Closing Ceremony

    14:30 ~ 17:00
    GIS Convention Center, NTU
  • Farewell Party


Power of Youth — Invest in the Next Generation and Bring Power Back to Society


  • Prakhar Bhartiya

    Co-founder, Youth Alliance
    Youth Alliance創辦人

  • Koumei Ishikawa 石川 孔明

    Research Division Manager, Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC)

  • Tanvi Vattikuti

    Manager, Asia, Endeavor

  • Chen Dung-Sheng 陳東升

    Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University

Politics 2.0 — Using the Internet to Participate in Politics


  • Gregor Hackmack

    Co-founder, Parliament Watch

  • Kao Chia-Liang 高嘉良

    Free software programmer, co-founder of

  • Cheng Kuo-Wei 鄭國威

    Director of Content, Association of Digital Culture, Taiwan

  • Liao Da-Chi 廖達琪

    Professor and Director, Institute of Political Science, National Sun Yat-sen University
    Principal Investigator, iVoter (Voting Advice Application) Project
    iVoter 投票諮詢網站計畫主持人

Collide and Sparkle — Education in East and West


  • Chen Liang-Gee 陳良基

    Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Taiwan University

  • Jeffrey S. Lehman

    Vice Chancellor, NYU Shanghai

  • Lai Choy-Heng 賴載興

    Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Yale-NUS College

  • Dai Hai-Lung 戴海龍

    Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Temple University

Connection between Future Technology and Life
— Catch Up the Trend (Train) to Innovative Future with Interdisciplinary Cooperation


  • Peter Lemmens

    General Manager, IMEC Taiwan Ltd.

  • Jason Yang, 楊繼盛

    Vice President, Siemens Healthcare Taiwan
    西門子醫療業務領域 副總裁

  • Lin Chih-Ting, 林致廷

    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

  • Kazuma Mawatari 馬渡 和真

    Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Extensive Workshop

  • Liu Wei-Gong 劉維公

    Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government

  • Pearly Chen 陳毅萱

    Chief of Staff to Chairwoman at HTC Corp & VIA Technologies

  • Jane Chen 陳蓁

    Advertising Director, Damo Culture Inc.

  • 陳珮馨

    Translator & Interpreter, Public Diplomacy Coordination Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Wang Wei-Chung 王韋中

    President of Okogreen

  • Eric Lin 林才越

    Founder of

Action Project

Why Action Project ?

-- Non only discussion, but put your idea into reality!

Good minds around the world gather together at GIS Taiwan to come up with numerous great concepts. We hope we can reach further than merely discussion. Therefore, Action Project is exactly the platform that provides opportunities for young generation to turn creative and feasible concepts into concrete actions, through instruction and guidance from the industrial mentors, together, cooperating to make a new change.

How Action Project Works ?

Group Discussion

In order to ensure that all delegates have the chance to speak and know more about each other’s thoughts, in this session, we will put five delegates who are from different countries into one group. The mentors will help each group to keep the discussion going and to accomplish their own action projects.


The Big Four cooperating with us each chooses a topic that it would like to work on. An enterprise that specializes in the specific topic is then chosen to participate in this project. Two mentors are assigned to each group, one from one of the Big Four and the other from the enterprise. The mentors will provide comprehensive information focusing on the topic and great guidance for delegates to get involved in a lively discussion.

  • deloitte
  • ernst
  • kpmg
  • pwc


At the end of ‘action project’, we will hold an exhibition for all groups to present their group projects. The exhibition covers every group’s viewpoints upon the topic they work on and the solutions they come up with during discussions. Delegates not only express their own opinions and standpoints but also learn what other groups have come up with from the exhibition.

Timeline of Action Project

Before Conference

  1. (6/16-20) Choose topics from 4 areas.
  2. (6/23) Announce the topic chosen.
  3. (7/4) Put forth initial concept.
  4. (7/7) Sending initial concepts to delegates in the same group.

Hand in Proposal

  1. (7/14) Action Project Salon
  2. (7/14-17) Mentor instruction and group discussion.
  3. (7/17) Hand in complete proposal and poster, Dinner with mentors
  4. (7/18) Exhibition Day

After Conference

  1. The Proposals from each group will be sent to companies as references before making decisions.

What to focus on

1. Leisure Industry

As working hours have shrunk over the years, people found that they had more free time on their hands to spend on leisure activities. An entire industry, including products or services related to entertainment, recreation and tourism, sprung up to aim at those who wanted to enjoy their leisure hours well. Many reports pointed out the importance of it, and revealed that the industry can become a leading driver for growth. How we develop it and how it influences the economic growth become significant issues we would be faced with.

Cooperative Company
  • deloitte

2. Entrepreneurship

Living in a swiftly changing era, we generation is now facing a highly competitive world. In order to catch up the latest trend and to lead a new way, the capability of sensitive observation, a broad vision and innovative ideas that can catch people’s eyes are extremely essential. The abilities to incorporate diverse ideas and to put imagination into practice are, too, important for an entrepreneur to solve the problem they face. Hence, to begin the action of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship, we should first ask the generation of ours to believe in themselves, to have the courage to step out and to be fearless towards surmounting the obstacles ahead.

Cooperative Company
  • ernst

3. Data & Analytics

With the widespread commonness of mobile devices and the faster speed of cloud computing, we’re now in the era of ‘Big Data’. For enterprises, becoming a master of big data enables them to know the latest trends of consumers’ preferences. Furthermore, it targets the potential business that might make a big fortune. Since big data has now become a prospering industry, companies fiercely compete over their proficiencies in using it. However, big data is a two-edged sword. At the time enterprises savor the benefits of it, the contradictory issues come together should also be considered.

Cooperative Company
  • kpmg

4. Biotechnology Industry

In recent years, more and more countries are putting efforts in developing their biotechnology industries. Taiwanese government has also listed it as one of the main industries that is rapidly flourishing in Taiwan. Taiwan is now devoted in constructing a better developing environment for the biotech industry by building a more complete managing system and raising people’s awareness of the intellectual property rights. However, both the industries and the government confront challenges that are worth profound discussions.

Cooperative Company
  • pwc

Essay Competition

In expectation of applicants coming up with creative solutions to current problems and benefiting the society, an Essay Competition is held to encourage applicants to submit their innovative and high-quality essays. An independent board of jury consisting of professors representing different fields will review all submitted essays. Each essay will be evaluated depending on its correctness, coherence, argumentation and creativity. Scores will be deducted in failure to abide by the rules below, including format, citation and title. The five participants with highest score will be awarded and given the opportunity to present their essays during the symposium. Furthermore, one of them will be the winner of the Best Creativity Award.

To ensure that every Essay is thoroughly read and carefully evaluated by the jury, a submission deadline has been set. Applicants should submit their essays before April 21, 2014. Those who submit after the deadline will not be able to participate in the Essay Competition.

Terms and Copyrights

Submitted essays will be free of restrictions and limitations in their use, reproduction, and publication. Essays become the property of GIS Taiwan upon submission, along with their copyright. GIS Taiwan reserves the right to use, edit, and excerpt these entries for promotional and any other purpose, including posting them online without notification.

Field Trip

  • Date : 2014/07/19 (Sat.) - 2014/07/20 (Sun.)
  • Fee : 2800 NT dollars (including accommodation for 7/19 and 7/20)

Tour Information

Day 1

Depart from Taipei ➫ Arrive in Hualien ➫ Lunch ➫【Taroko National Park】➫ Dinner ➫ Hotel

Day 2

Depart from Hualien ➫【National Center for Traditional Arts】➫【Traditional Arts DIY】➫ Lunch ➫【Lanyang Museum】➫ 【Shihlin Night Market】➫ Hotel

Important Notice : The fee for field trip should be paid along with your application fee and accommodation fee.

National Center of Traditional Arts

The National Center for Traditional Arts is located by the river band of Dongshan River in Yilan. The main idea is supporting the related research; promoting, preserving, teaching traditional arts; renovating, and developing the traditional arts. The center area is divided into two parts, one is for dynamic activities, and the other is for static exhibition. The park itself has become one of the most important tourist spots in Yilan.

National Center of Traditional Arts

Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is famous for its astonishing geographic landscape. It is in the eastern part of Taiwan, faces the Pacific Ocean on the east and covers an area of more than 92000 hectares. The Park is situated at the junction of three counties: Hualian, Taichung and Nantou. There are a lot of high mountains and steep gorges, with many peaks towering above 3,000 meters in height, and amazing natural watersheds in the park. The spectacular Taroko Gorge and the scenic beauty of the Liwu River can be viewed conveniently from the Central Cross-Island Highway. With incredible waterfalls, diverse forms of plant and animal life, and the aboriginal culture, the unique environment of Taroko National Park will surely amaze you.

Taroko National Park

Lanyang Museum

Lanyang Museum is surrounded by an expansively stunning wetland and beautiful view. Other than the great location, what marvels people the most is certainly its unique building appearance. The building is in the shape of the distinctive landform in northeastern Taiwan, “cuesta.” The one-of-a-kind design even won first place in Taiwan’s architecture contest in 2010. Inside the museum, displayed the history, culture and development in every stage of Yilan. You can both learn great knowledge and have beautiful pictures at Lanyang Museum.

Taroko National Park

Shilin Night Market

Shilin night market has been one of the biggest and most popular night markets in Taipei since 1909. The night market became popular for it was once the transfer post of Keelung River so most of the products that were going to Wanghua and Da Dao Cheng districts transacted here. With the function as a transfer post no longer exists, the night market maintains the function of provided great food. It’s famous for its Haoda big chicken, Shilin big sausage, steam-fried baozi and Da bin bao shao bin. In brief, if you are willing to take a good try of all kinds of Taiwanese specialties, Shilin night market is your best choice!

Shukubg Night Market