Before start, please pay attention to the following 4 points.

  1. For information about GIS Taiwan 2014, please visit the Information
  2. Application is opened to graduates and undergraduates, yet applicants must not be born prior to the year of 1978.
  3. Around 300 student delegates will be admitted to the conference.
  4. Application System : This year, all application and payment will be processed through Blink.

Three Steps to Join GIS Taiwan 2014

1. Apply for delegate of GIS Taiwan 2014.

Deadline : May 31, 2014

At this step, you should fill in application form and submit your proposal.

For specific detail, please visit the delegate application page.

*Note : Essay Competition and Financial Aid Program is only for delegates who apply prior to April 21.

Application Information 報名簡章

2. Registration

Deadline : June 13, 2014

You can choose your accommodation and field trip at this step. However, please notice that you will only be qualified of official delegate after payment is completed.

For specific detail, please visit the registration page.

3. Essay Competition and Financial Aid (optional)

Deadline : April 21, 2014

After registration, you can participate for essay competition and apply for financial aid program.

*Note: Delegate meeting the eligibility of financial aid program is encouraged to apply for.

High School Program


High School Program 錄取名單公布如附件。

全球集思論壇秉著拓展臺灣學生國際觀的理念及回饋社會的精神,在籌備給世界各國代表參與的會議外,同時策畫了「高中生計畫」以把交流的種子往下紮根。將招募 70 位優秀高中生參與本次活動,希望不只能讓高中生提早與世界接軌,也能促進本國高中生思考多元化,提供他們與世界交流的平台。

高中生計畫報名簡章 高中生計畫錄取名單


2014 年 7 月 14 日 (一) ~ 18 日 (五),共五日


國立臺灣大學校總區 (臺北市羅斯福路四段一號)


六千元整 (含五天會期期間食、宿及活動成本,不含三天的 Field Trip)


70 位具備國際觀與英語能力之台灣全國高中生


因應各高中期中考時間不同,特將截止時間延為 4/21,期望不同學校的同學皆踴躍報名參與。

2014 年 01 月 01 日至 2014 年 04 月 21 日



Registration Steps

1. 註冊/登入 Blink 帳號

GIS Taiwan 2014 採用 Blink 報名系統,報名前請先註冊 Blink 帳號

Login page

2. 提交申請 : GIS Taiwan 2014 - High School Program

進入活動 GIS Taiwan 2014 - High School Program,完成資料填寫、面試時間調查並繳交提案(限中文 500 字)

3. 審核結果通知


4. 面試甄選

現場面試將安排於 5/3 - 5/4,並可於 4/26 - 5/10 彈性時段安排 Skype 面試。

Financial Aid

GIS Taiwan 2014 Financial Aid is only for non-Taiwan resident, foreign students living in Taiwan are also regarded as Taiwan resident, to participate in GIS Taiwan 2014. The financial aid package includes free of registration fee and accommodation fee.

Application period for Financial Aid program is after your are accepted through proposal examination and until the essay submission close. The applicants will be notified of the result via email on May 31st.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who is only for non-Taiwan resident, foreign students living in Taiwan are also regarded as Taiwan resident. Please notice that if you are a Taiwanese student currently do not reside in Taiwan, you are also eligible to apply.

Process of financial aid application

  1. You must first get accepted through the proposal examination and be recognized as the official delegate of GIS Taiwan 2014.
  2. Once your essay is submitted, you are simultaneously added to the list of candidates for financial aid if you meet the eligibility criteria above.
  3. Candidates for financial aid will be notified whether they have been accepted via e-mail on May 31st.
  4. Once your Financial Aid package has been approved, please proceed to make full payment, including all registration and accommodation fees.
  5. The Financial Aid package will be granted through a refund system after the symposium.

Important Information

  1. A maximum of 20 applicants will be given financial aid after careful consideration by the jury consists with professors from National Taiwan University. GIS Taiwan retains all rights to determining the number of financial aid that will be distributed, and to whom they will be awarded to.
  2. All participants must make an initial deposit of the application and hotel fees regardless of whether or not they will be receiving financial aid. All financial aid will be given in US dollars (or any other preferred currency of the same value) after the symposium is finished. This is to ensure financial aid recipients will participate in GIS Taiwan 2014 for its full duration.
  3. Failure to attend two or more GIS Taiwan sessions, or any highly inappropriate and disrespectful behavior can result in the revocation of financial aid.
  4. We will verify your eligibility by your plane ticket or the check in immigration stamp on your passport.

Essay Submission

Essay submission is closed. The result will be announced on 31st, May.

Before start, please pay attention to the following 4 points.

  1. Submission ≠ Application: Submitting a essay is NOT equivalent to registering at GIS Taiwan 2014. This system is only for essay submission.
  2. Official Delegates Only: If you are not accepted as offcial delegate until April 21st, 2014 (essay deadline), your essay will be disabled to join essay competition and financial aid consideration.
  3. Read the Essay Requirement: Make sure your submission meets the requirements.
  4. Copyright Terms: By submitting the essay, you agree with our copyright terms on the bottom of essay competition page.

Essay Submission Steps

2. Sign in GIS Taiwan 2014

Sign-in here at EasyChair. After signing-in, you will become an author who can create submissions in GIS Taiwan 2014.

3. Create a New Submission

Click "New Submission".

4. Fill in Information

Please fill in the below information, then click "Submit".

Address for Correspondence We will use this address to mail you important notifications if we cannot reach you with E-mail.
Author Just fill in Author 1 and leave other authors blank. We will contact you using the E-mail address you filled in here.
Title Your essay title.
Abstract Just leave it blank.
Keywords Enter arbitary three words, one per line. Something as simple as the following would do:
Paper Pick up your proposal in your computer here. Only PDF and doc/docx files are accepted.

5. Essay submission is completed

When you see this page, you have successfully submitted your essay. We will notify you using E-mail in the future!